Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Use A Loc Soc to Easily Style Your Dreadlocks

Protect New Dreadlocks with Wraps or Loc Socks
A loc sock is a 4 way stretch tube like wrap to secure,protect and aid to your styling needs. You can make them or buy them online.

There are also videos online showing you the many ways to wear them as styling tools. It is best to own a few to have versatility in your colors and styling needs.

  Ways to Use a Loc Sock

  • head band
  • sleep wrap
  • between style aid
  • hair protection
When you are styling your dreadlocks you will have days or weeks before seeing your stylist. Your loc sock will help hide and smooth unruly hairs if worn over night or during the day. 

It  is important to know that owning a few loc socks will allow you to wash and change them often. Remember we perspire and want to keep anything on our hair as clean as possible to avoid odors and potential hair issues.

Monday, May 13, 2013

How To Style Your Dreadlocks To Stay Cool

When the high temperatures are making you hot; you can style your dreadlocks to cool you off. Below is a fast way to style your dreadlocks in high temperatures.

How to Style Your Dreadlocks Easy Breezy!

How To Wrap Up Your Dreadlocks For Men Tutorial

Here is a great video teaching men how to wrap their dreadlocks during the day and night. Whether your a man or woman with dreadlocks this hair wrapping video is a must see. Enjoy!!

How To Wrap Your Dreadlocks Tutorial

How To Wrap Your Dreadlocks at Night Tutorial

You can order you own Loc Socks below.

How To Make Dreadlocks and Extensions Fast

How to get dreadlocks and extensions all in one day. I want to show you a method that will take some time but cuts down on grooming time later. You will be able to swim or wash you hair anytime your ready. If you are have soft hair get the guide sold on this website and lock your locs today.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pipe Cleaner Curls: How To Curl Dreadlocks Curly or Wavy with Pipe Cleaners

Making your wavy dreadlocks with pipe cleaners may be time consuming but the finished product is  amazing. For longer hair you can connect two pipe cleaners together side by side. This will make a thicker pipe cleaner roller and loop.

You probably are wondering where to buy pipe cleaners but you can get them in our beauty supply store here are at your local art supply store.

Pipe Cleaner Curls On Locs

How To Make Wavy Dreadlocks With Braids.

Making wavy dreadlocks is much easier by braiding your dreadlocks. The larger the braids the wavier you dreadlocks will become. Look at the waves and size of the braids to determine what is best for you.

You can use Isoplus styling mouse in your hair before braiding to make firmer waves. Blowdry you hair or sit under a dryer will enable you to wear  you wavy style the same day.

 Keeping your hair braided in a style for a week is what many do before wearing their wavey style.

How To Make Wavy Dreadlocks Wth Braids Video

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hard To Loc(k) Straight Or Fine Hair Guide

Here's Step By Step Proven Ways To Transform
Hard To Lock Hair 
Texture Into Beautiful Dreadlocks 

How To Make Dreadlocks on Straight Hair or Unlockable Hair.

In this video I am making dreadlocks on straight hair. I can lock dreadlocks on any texture hair there is. If you are having problems with your hair locking this technique is for you. 

It may not be comfortable at first because you are not used to this process but with time you will be successful.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Do Barrel Roles On Dreads

The barrel role is a dreadlocks hairstyle that is elegant and protective. Keeping your locs secure does not have to make you feel as if you are wearing a mans style.