Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Use A Loc Soc to Easily Style Your Dreadlocks

Protect New Dreadlocks with Wraps or Loc Socks
A loc sock is a 4 way stretch tube like wrap to secure,protect and aid to your styling needs. You can make them or buy them online.

There are also videos online showing you the many ways to wear them as styling tools. It is best to own a few to have versatility in your colors and styling needs.

  Ways to Use a Loc Sock

  • head band
  • sleep wrap
  • between style aid
  • hair protection
When you are styling your dreadlocks you will have days or weeks before seeing your stylist. Your loc sock will help hide and smooth unruly hairs if worn over night or during the day. 

It  is important to know that owning a few loc socks will allow you to wash and change them often. Remember we perspire and want to keep anything on our hair as clean as possible to avoid odors and potential hair issues.