Sunday, August 26, 2012

Welcome To Get Dreadlocks Hair Care Blog!

Thank you so much for stopping by Get Dreadlocks you will find hair care tips that will help your start, maintain, wash, style and repair your locs and so much more.

 I hope you find this dreadlock hair care blog useful and will share your experiences and enhance the community with your dreadlock journey.

Your concerns and triumphs can help others in ways you can only imagine. I try to find useful dreadlock hair care products, tips,methods and  useful content all the time to add for your knowledge. From my and others experience in wearing dreadlocks and making them attainable for all cultures and nationalities.

If you don't know where to begin to find your dreadlock information use the search on the right or go through the archive. I'm sure you will find the hair care information useful, if not let me know what you need. 

I urge you to ask questions about dreadlocks and allow your sisters or brothers from another mother to give you their thoughts and answers to your questions. Together we can build a strong communities and better dreadlock hair care!

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