Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How To Remove Dreadlocks

How do you remove  your dreadlocks? So many people ask if dreadlocks can be removed and I have to say yes. You see I have dreadlocks and removed them myself. It took a long process and I lost the hair that was normally shedding. It was scary but my hair looked just fine after it was conditioned and groomed afterwards. Once you decide to take out your dreadlocks you must be commited. It is easy to change  your mind when you think of all the work ahead of you.

Why I Removed My Dreadlocks

When I decided that I had to let my dreadlocks go I was depressed. It was a life decision I had to make for myself. It's a shame but you are treated different because of your appearance. I wish I could conform people but I can not.

I am not proud or happy with my decision but getting clients and being taken serious happened when the dreadlocks were gone.

How I Removed My Dreadlocks

Be aware that you are combing out hair that has shedded for months or years. This extreme hair loss is harmless and is mostly scary because you think you are going bald. However if your hair has been neglected you will have much more hair loss. But after all you will have your dreads out.

  1. The first thing I did was to give my hair a deep strengthening treatment and moisturizer every week for a month to rebuild it the best way I could before this timely process.
  2. The day before my dreadlock removal I shampooed , conditioned and air dried my dreadlocks.
  3. I used a small tooth tailcomb to begin combing from the very tip working my way up.
  4. Use your fingertips or two hairpins to pull the dreadlocks apart making the one your working on wider. This will allow the combing to go more smoothly.
  5. Continue this process all the way up to your scalp. This takes time but after the first few you technique becomes better. It took my three days to complete my whole head (with breaks).
I decided to relax my hair but not right away. I detangled my hair and placed six braids in it to straighten it out. I put leave in moisturizer and liquid hair oil to seal in the moisture everyday for a week. I will oil my scalp and rebraid by hair before relaxing or pressing my hair for another two weeks.

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