Friday, July 1, 2011

How To Retwist or Touch Up Dreadlocks

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When it's time to retwist your dreadlocks you don't need anyone to tell you. If you have dreadlocks less that 3 months old you may be experiencing them untwisting by themselves if you have used the palm roll and/or twist and  clip method.

Don't worry this is normal and will take some patience on your part. If you have been using a softening and moisturizing shampoo that may be one of your problems. You see that shampoo helps the hair to become coated with conditioners that prevent tangling.

You actually want your hair to intertwine together. So you should us a deep cleansing shampoo that will remove dirt and product from hair and prevent your dreadlocks from detangling. Makes since? Good!

How To Touch Up Dreadlocks

Now that you have a clean head of hair you could spray in a leave in conditioner. It is of course easier to have someone else retwist your hair. However getting to know and do your own hair will save you money and allow you to look your best at all times.
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Retwisting dreadlocks is as simple as placing a large clamp to hold top section out of the way while you start from the bottom up. You will need metal clips and your favorite dreadlock gel. I like Rasta Jam Mango Gel because is goes on light and dries tight and firm, which is great for new growth.

  1. Clamp clean dreadlocks into six sections.
  2. Apply less than dime size gel to new growth and down dreadlocks.
  3. Palm roll your dreadlocks to lay down loose hairs.
  4. Now twist new grown with fingers or small comb.
  5. Hold with metal clip. Do this until whole head is done.
  6. Go under dryer for 20 minutes than air dry. This will prevent clip marks.
  7. Clamp with small metal clips. Work your way up until all hair is done.

How To Retwist Dreads