Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Longest Oldest and Healthy Dreadlocks You've Seen? Admire these 20 Year Old Dreadlocks

Longest Dreadlocks In New Jersey and New York?

Model: Steve "Ras" Virgo
Look at these beautiful 20 year old  and about 4 to 5 feet dreadlocks! This wonderful (New Yorker) man was gracious enough to allow me the privilage of sharing his beautiful locks with  you. We are officially celebrating his 20 year old anniversary of his locs with him!

Refresh Your Scalp And Dreadlocks!

Sea Breeze Astringent Original Formula 300 Ml, 10 Oz (3 Pack)The maintenance of his dreadlocks are simple but thorough. Shampoo and air dry. I did share some dreadlock mainenance tips to add to his already successful grooming method. 

Listerine Original Antiseptic Mouthwash - 1.5 LitersFor example, adding antiseptic (Sea Breeze or Listerine original) to his shampoo for a refreshing head of hair and scalp.

 And we all should know that dry hair breaks so please rub, roll or spray in your moisterizers and leave-in conditioners to stop those dreads from breaking!

Hopefully sharing with him will add another 5 inches onto his already thriving mane. Thank you Steve, I truly enjoyed meeting you. These are the longest dreadlocks I have seen in real life!

These are not the longest but very nice dreadlocks! Another New Yorker Baby, I see a trend here!

Officially the longest Dreadlocks in the World