Friday, October 7, 2011

Dreadlock Maintenance Products For Neat And Healthy Dreadlocks

Dreadlock Maintenance Products

The right products for dreadlocks keep your style looking good.Short dreads on kinky hair are sexy,odd and bold for the different people that wear them.

Keeping your dreadlocks  neat is excepting the fact that you have to chose the right products for your dreadlocks and be commited to using them properly.

You will have to  use dreadlock gel, spritz, oils and tie it up every night. Finding product for your baby dreads will take trial and error. Every  head is not the same you will have to consider :
  • scalp
  • lifestyle
  • affordability
If you are proned to dandruff you will have to use a product that is helpful to your scalps issue and if you work in a dusty environment you will have to consider how easy it is to rinse products from your hair and the cost to go with it.


Dreadlocks Maintenance Products

  • Stocking cap
  • Satin Scarf
  • Clips
  • Skin Antiseptic
  • Easy to Shampoo Pomade
  • Patience
You can go to a professional natural hair artist for the first two months to ask questions while having your new baby dreads professionally tightened. It's important that you pay close attention what is going on in the salon with all size dreadlocks. This will pertain to you everyday. Ask any questions you have about your products just in case you will have to change what you are using.

Your maintenance products will be determined by the type of hair and dreadlocks you are wearing. Some methods of dreadlocks don't require any wax at all some may need only a light cream for stray hairs and some may only need a crochet needle such as dreads on straight hair. Some products are for hard to hold dreads or temporary locs.

You will be palm-rolling your hair everyday at home to help train the hair if it is kinky African American hair or curly hair with loose ends. It is up to you to try different dreadlock maintenance product to find what works best for you.

While Using Dreadlocks Maintenance Products.....
Pay attention to the different hair waxes and oils used to find what works best for you. You will find that you may not be too happy with certain types of products that are used in your hair. Some people opt to palmroll with a leave in moisturizer such as Cactus Leave-In Moisturizer after their hair has been locked for some time.

After a while you will began to keep your twist neat yourself. You can always take care of them yourself with proper dreadlock upkeep with the right techniques. There is a very helpful dreadlocks guide book that will answer your many questions about dreadlocks and have you ready for your journey in no time at all.

Ask questions about products that you can use to other dread wearers who have dreadlocks you admire. How to keep your dreadlocks neat is an on going experience that will have you eventually a pro with people coming to you for advice.