Saturday, January 7, 2012

How To Make Dreadlocks On Straight Hair With The Crochet Method

DreadlocksWanting to get dreadlocks has been very common for years by people of all races. Dreadlock methods now revealed for others with straight and various hair types have been developed. If you are ready to make a statement and commitment, you are ready for this journey. This is not for everyone, once done this method is permanent.

In the past you couldn't have dreads on every texture hair, today this is only one method on how to dread straighter, less curly hair.

Straight hair is not a reason not to have dreads anymore. Dreads can be sewn, braided, and twisted in also. Colors can also be added if you choose extension dreads. However you can dye or add color to your hair.
This method can also be used when adding extensions to hair.

Make Dreadlocks On Straight Hair Guide Step by Step Guide
  • shampoo
  • metal comb (flea comb)
  • aloe vera gel, pomade, or styling gel
  • clamps

  1. Shampoo your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo, a conditioner is not to be used after this.You want your hair to be prepared for back combing.
  2. Section you hair by clamping top of hair out of your way.Start around the bottom of your head.
  3. Hair could be blown dry in sections or before beginning.
  4. Take a section ,and start back combing with a metal comb or flea comb.Hold hair straight while working down the hair shaft
  5. (Or Twist the section and use 7mm crochet needle to puncture hair fast while rotating hair side to side to bring stray hair out all around section work your way down to end.)
  6. The chosen process is done throughout the entire head.
  7. Hair is rolled between your hands (palm rolled) with a grease-less pomade ,styling gel,or nothing at all. Just imagine clay being rolled between both your hands while your trying to make it longer! (This is how to palm roll dread locs to keep neat. Do this after each shampoo!
  8. You can pull stray hairs into the dreads with the crochet needle. This takes a lot of time.
Shampooing Dreads

You can shampoo your hair as often as you want. But if you are african american it takes three times as long for your scalp to develop natural oils necessary to maintain healthy hair. So it is best to wait at least a week.

Use a antiseptic or tea-tree shampoo to stimulate a hot sweaty scalp. If you can not shampoo your hair for some reason wipe seabreeze antiseptic or Listerine onto your scalp.Don't worry this backcombing method locks the hair right away!

Myth or Truth?  CareFree Dreadlocks

Carefree dreadlocks is a myth. Your hair has to shampooed, re-touched,palm rolled,and sprayed with leave in conditioners, moisturizers, and wrapped to prevent lint from making a home. If you want to look groomed.

Practice Crochet Techniques

You can buy some synthetic hair to practice on at home before you try this on anyone.The packs cost around $2.

How To Make Dreadlocks On Straight Hair Videos