Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lock Styles For Sexy Mature Women and Great HairCare For Mature Dreadlocks

Mature Women With Dreadlocks

Model Andrea
Lock styles make dreadlocks versatile. Dreadlocks for women not only save time but they are beautiful when properly styled and maintained on mature women. Take a look at these confident, great looking women with their alluring styled dreadlocks!

Sexy Silver or Glorious Grey, what ever you want to call the color these dreadlocks are stunning. The color is pure and clean with no traces of shampoo or environmental discoloration some dreadlocks this color show from neglect but not hers.

Our beautiful model Andrea certainly looks radiant and very attractive in her dreadlocks. Her hair is soft and very shiny. Judging by the color and texture this beautiful head of dreadlocks are definitely given the necessary care needed to grow in glory for years to come. The confidence she possessed is from the type of hair freedom dreadlocks can give.

Model Joy

 These lovely long dreadlocks are definitely luxurious on our model Joy with her pride and  joys running down her back for over 12 years! This is a journey I was proud to be a witness.

Her dreadlocks are soft all the way down to the very end. I only wish we could have gotten a picture that shows the true lengths of these beauties.

These soft beautiful healthy dreadlocks represent the time and care taken to condition and moisturize. The longer the hair is the more porous the ends are.

When dreadlocks are at a more mature state they require daily care that will prevent them from becoming brittle, dry and broken.

Remember dry hair breaks. It is a misconception that dreadlocks need no care. Dreadlocks are much like our bodies you have to give it nutrition to receive the fullest lasting benefits or like bones they will become brittle and risk breakage.

Enjoy The Styling Journey Beautiful mature women with dreadlocks!