Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dreadlock Shampoo Hair Product Choices To Make Your Hair Beautiful

Knotty Boy Dreadlock Conditioning Spray In Coco Scent 8oz.In the warm weather and after workouts maintaining dreadlocks can be tricky. The heat and humidity can cause hair to have an odor. You can use a deep cleaning shampoo made just for dreadlocks to remove all traces of perspiration and product with proper dreadlock shampooing techniques.

 A good one is Dred Head Shampoo, this shampoo is great for all types of hair even straight hair with dreadlock.  There are many more to chose from. The best thing to do is try several until you  have the one you like the best. 

Dreadlock Shampoo Products

The next thing you want to do is make sure that your hair smell good all the time. After a good shampoo you can pour a skin antiseptic such as sea breeze or no name in your hair and scalp to stimulate your scalp and kill bacteria causing odors.

Using a fragrant spray to refreshing hair is great to use for added confident when close to others after a hard day a work. You can also add bacon soda to the shampoo you currently have to freshen and deep clean your hair. Finish shampoo process with  apple cider vinegar to further remove all traces of product.

After apple cider rinse, be sure that your last rinse  is with cool water to close your cuticles. You will find that your hair will be extra shiny!

It is not advisable to shampoo your hair with a detangle or moisturizing shampoo. This will only cause your dreadlocks to loosen, leave residue, and give you more work to do after shampooing.

Here is a list of natural fragrant and conditioning dreadlock hair spray:

Dreadlock Fragrant & Conditioning Spray

    After shampooing your dreadlock it is very important to absorb all water from hair to allow your dreds to dry thoroughly. You will have to use several towels if your hair is very long or think. Wrap hair and sqeeze with medium pressure to remove water. Keep changing towels until all water is absorbed and towel is not soaked.